Alibis for interaction

Alibis for Interaction was a two-day conference on the craft of designing human interaction, participation and narrative experiences. Taking the concept of working with experience design seriously the conference was in many ways performative in its character. A ritual, a magic circle, a limit around time and space which changed the participants.

A perspective that i really liked at the conference was introduced by Johanna Koljonen in the introductory talk – “How to avoid confused, lost and uncomfortable participants when we work with experience design”. The organizers succeeded in creating a conference where the participants was safe, while still being playful and being challenged. The talks were generally interesting and I came home with some new perspectives and ideas.

Together with Kristoffer Thurøe I participated first with a physical networking workshop, where we played with some of the exercises that we normally use for larp workshops (a swedish participant tells about the experience here) and later with a talk on “co-creating the liveable city” dealing with experiences from the “Skab din by” project and the complexities of working with municipal innovation.

Apart from that I learned great things such as it takes around 3260 books to create a library.

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